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Solar eclipse June 10, 2021


Finally, just 2 days before I could post the final version of this article, I tried to record a partial solar eclipse on 1422 MHz.


On June 10, 2021 I observed the partial solar eclipse with the 1.5-meter dish at 1422 MHz and an ETX90 optical telescope.

The idea is to record the whole eclipse while tracking the Sun. By making observations of the eclipse, we can get an idea about the radio radiation from the Sun.

There were some tracking issues but after a median still a dip is visible in the power graph. I would like to try this again, but unfortunately, I have to wait for the next eclipse.

Because it was a cloud free day, I was lucky to also get some visuals with my ETX90 optical telescope.. 

sun eclips.jpg
sun etx90.jpg
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