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Milky Way plot from longitude 20 – 230 and latitude 0




Another measurement that can yield interesting results is to measure the emission of hydrogen at different longitudes of the Milky Way where the latitude is 0


So, no drift scan, but track with the rotor per data measurement.


The above images have been a total of 45 recordings of 15 minutes each. It represents the distribution of HI (neutral hydrogen) in the Galaxy that is visible for my location (i.e. from longitude 20 to 240 in steps of 5 degrees).

The collected data is put in an Excel sheet in which you generate 45 columns, then stitched them together in Photoshop with a little blur.


The highest and lowest values ​​are converted into a color table (white is high, black is low).


A nice representation of the HI distribution of our Milky Way.

Galaxy Plot May 2020 Text.jpg
Galactic Plane Plot all graphs.png
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