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High velocity cloud M II

High velocity clouds (HVC’s) are clouds of hydrogen gas moving at peculiar velocities that can not be explained with a simple model for the rotation of our Galaxy. Many of these clouds seems to move towards the galactic disk at very high speed. The origin of most of these clouds is uncertain, they may be intergallactic gas that has accreted and is now pulled in by the gravity of the Milky Way, or they may be clouds of gas that have been
ejected from our galaxy and are now falling back on the galactic plane. [E.Mol]

Nevertheless, they are pretty hard to detect so I am pleased that I have detected some of them.
This is HVC M II coordinates 185 65 and has a Vlsr of -55km/s, detected with JRT (Job’s Radio Telescope)
with a diameter of 1.9 meter. 4 hours of darks and 4 hours of lights, tracked.
3 may 2022.

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