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Spiral arms of our own Galaxy, the Milky Way


One of my projects is to record 945 measurements of the entire Milky Way and its surroundings to detect the different spiral arms.


You can then record the required polar coordinates with the above formulas and then process them in a plot. You can also make a detailed overview of the Milky Way in HI.


From the plot below you can clearly see the spiral structure of our Milky Way measured with the 1.5 JRT radio telescope. Coordinate 0,0 is the Galaxy center and coordinate 0,8 our Sun position (8 kpc)


The red plane is the spiral arm in which our solar system is located.

The blue plane is the Perseus Arm.

The yellow plane is the Outer Arm.

The visibility of the arms is thus formed by converting about 945 neutral hydrogen emission measurements into coordinates.


3ArmsMilky Way colors.jpg
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