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1) Feng Yun 3B transmits at 1704.5 Mhz (1.7045 Ghz) So you need a dish or antenna which can receive that ‘high’ frequency. So its NOT 145 Mhz and QFH like Meteor2. My radio dish 1.5 meter is on rotator and tracks auto, but by hand is also possible.

The dish is connected to 2 LNA's (Mini circuit) and a bandpassfilter)

2) I track with rotator, but you can track by hand (ask Victor). I use Orbitron.

3) You need AirSpy mini or so but NOT rtlsdr, because you need to record in 6 MSPS and rtlsdr limit is 2.4 (3)

4) You need to have plugin ‘ Baseband Recorder’ for SDR#. Record the baseband when satellite is in sight. Normally about 15 Gb for 10 minutes!

5) Your data will be a .wav file. Since a few days there is a Windows app which you can use for the data from the baseband. This is the software:


7) And to be honest, that’s it…….


 You really need to experiment with gain, etc but that’s the same procedure like Meteor or Noaa.

9) Good luck….By the way it wasn’t done in 1 day here either…….

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