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ATTEMPT 22 december 2022:

Pulsar B0329+54  with 1.9 meter dish 

Pulsar PSR B0329+54

PSR B0329+54 is a pulsar approximately 3,460 light-years away in the constellation of Camelopardalis. It completes one rotation every 0.71452[2] seconds and is approximately 5 million years old.

Everything indicates that I may have been able to detect the pulsar B0329+54 with JRT [Job's Radio Telescope]. This dish has a diameter of max 1.9 meters, which would make it the first time this pulsar has been detected with a dish of this size as far as I can tell. This result was obtained thanks to the good help and software of Michiel Klaassen and Peter East. Still has to be confirmed.

I used Nooelec SMART and a new Can Feed which is more sensible.

17 dec 2022 looks promising:


Multiplot  B0329+54 JRT-20221219-153002.jpg
Multiplot  B0329+54 JRT-20221218-155212.jpg
Multiplot  B0329+54 JRT-20221219-152815.jpg
Multiplot  B0329+54 JRT-20221219-152520.jpg
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