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Driftscan Cygnus Complex

Over several weeks, I ended up making 11 drift scans of the area around Cygnus A (not every drift scan succeeded and there was also some time when I couldn't engage in this project unfortunately). Cygnus A is a radio galaxy with high radio emission. This emission is caused by synchrotron radiation. Each driftscan lasted 4 hours on 1410 MHz so as not to be affected by HI emission. The driftscan of Cygnus A itself at coordinates 19H59 and 40D44 had the highest result. The other driftscans showed less and less power. From these, I tried to make a 2 dimensional representation of the area around Cygnus A at 1410 MHz. All this with JRT [Job's Radio Telescope - 1.9 meters]. Also visible a (Excel) chart with all driftscans plotted in 1 chart. The (high) light blue plot is the Cygnus A driftscan itself.
Next project with this method: Cassiopeia A

14 may 2022

CygA_Final 2.jpg
CygnusA_11Driftscans 2.jpg
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